DayZ Warzone Community

Feel the real PVP experience in our servers!

DayZ warzone community

DayZ warzone community
Are you looking for the a server that has the right amount of mods and also listens to their playerbase? Look no further! DayZ Warzone offers you everything!

Active admins, Discord support (English, Deutscher), with active community.
In-depth ticket system.
PvP Servers, PvE+PvP Server.
Helicopter-crashes with great loot only!
DayZ Psycho Vehicle Pack Addon 1+2.
High Military Loot + Basebuildingsupplies, 2-4 Items per room so looting makes fun but it's still balanced!
30+ Mods.
Epic raiding experience!
Custom trader designed to bring people in the middle of the map.
Blackmarket, MainTrader with HuntingTrader, Drugdealer, Medical Trader.
Weekly giveaways and events with great prizes and rare loot!
And much more stuff!



■ Homophobic, racist or sexiest comments to any member of the community!
■ Spamming, arguing and/or trash talking in ANY text or voice channels!
■ Offensive Discord names or nick-names!
These rules establish the essence of our community and as a member you are expected to follow and respect what is written here.
If evidence is provided, this will be reviewed and subjected to a permanent exclusion from the server(s).
If you have a problem or a question. please open a #💬support-ticket on our discord server.
Admins do not work around the clock. If it takes some time, don't be grumpy, we are all humans. Ask for permission before sending them a PM!
 Loot Cycling is NOT ALLOWED (Empty loot-spots and drop it to a pile to force respawn).

Combat logging is NOT ALLOWED.

Any kind of glitching is NOT ALLOWED.

Stealing vehicles or items out of the Trader Zones is is NOT ALLOWED (Do not leave your vehicle at the trader or it will get deleted).

Maximum allowed vehicles allowed are 1 for solo-player and 4 for group.

You MUST register your base through a discord ticket.

You MUST register your raid through a discord ticket.

Register your base/raid BEFORE you start building/raiding through a discord ticket.

Stealing vehicles is allowed outside of traders.

Maximum 1 (one) base per group OR solo-player.  
- Blocking or building inside military, police, hospital or roads is NOT ALLOWED.

Bases have to be 1000 METERS away from any Trader, 400 METERS away from any military compound.

It is not allowed to stack gates/walls behind each other, like here: || It must be a 1 wall-space between each Gate, like here |_|

Maximum of 3 Wall-Levels high. (STARTING FROM THE GROUND LEVEL, no sky bases allowed)

Inactivity for more than 7 days or making a base against the rules will result in a base deletion.

You MUST open a raid ticket and call out all raiders & coordinates.

Glitching to get inside a base is NOT ALLOWED.

You can stack 1 item to boost yourself into a base, it must be placed on the ground.

Player bridges are allowed.

- Griefing is NOT ALLOWED. (don't leave items on the ground to de-spawn)

Taking over an occupied base is NOT ALLOWED.

When you open a ticket, make sure you provide your in-game name and as much information regarding your issue as possible.
- Tickets will be closed if you don't respond for prolonged periods of time, you are free to open a new ticket when you are available.

When registering a base or raid, make sure you submit your discord name correctly i.e. Name#0001.

- To simply copy your discord name click on it in the bottom-left corner of discord, it will say "Copied!" and then you past it in the form! If there's no way for us to contact you if there is an issue with your base it will be deleted without notice!

- Use Helicopters at your own risk. (DayZ is known for bugs/desyncs, helicopters are very unstable and you should know that) We offer compensation only when photo or video evidence is provided to proove the itmes that have been lost.

We recommend using Nvidia ShadowPlay which allows you to save up to 5 minutes of your gameplay!
Spamming inside ticket will lead to a potential exclusion from the community.

We are all humans and can not work around the clock.

Thank you for your understanding!


Donate information

How to make a donation?
Choose between the options and press the "DONATE".
You will be redirected to Our Discord server Support-Ticket section.
You will have  to press a icon with the Cashbag and Owner will be there with you.

Payment options
+ Paypal +

Priority Queue Packages

(10€) Premium Queue Small
Priority Queue for 1 month (1 server)

(20€) Premium Queue Medium
Priority Queue for 3 months (1 server)

(30€) Premium Queue Big
Priority Queue for 3 months (2 servers)


Premium packages

Bronze package, 30€ discounted to 25€.
Priority queue for 1 month for 1 server (10€)
+ Custom clothing small, permanent (20€)

Silver Package, 90€ discounted to 75€).
Priority Queue for 3 months (1 server)
+ Custom Knife, permanent (30€)
+ Custom Gun, permanent (30€)

Gold Package, 130€ discounted to 100€.
Priority queue medium (3 months for 1 server) (20€)
+ Custom textured clothing, permanent (50€)
+ Custom Knife (30€)
+ Custom Gun (30€)

Clan package, 200€ discounted to 150€.
Premium Queue Small, 1 month on 1 server, for 5 members (50€)
+ Extra member to the queue will be 5€ instead of 10€!
+ Custom textured clothing (50€)
+ Custom Knife (30€)
+ Custom Gun (30€)
+ Custom Patch (20€)
+ Custom Flag (20€)
+ Bonus (your own clan role & private text and voice channel in our discord!)


Custom loadout and others!

(20€) Custom clothing small
You can choose 1 Item to customize:
Helmet, Mask, Shirt, Vest, Backpack, Gloves, Pants, Boots.

(40€) Custom textured clothing
Complete custom textured clothing set:
Helmet, Mask, Shirt, Vest, Backpack, Gloves, Pants, Boots.

(30€) Custom Gun (vanilla only)
Customize your gun how you want! Keep in mind it is possible only for Vanilla guns!

(30€) Custom knife
Customize your knife how you want! We've acquired (for now) the models for Karambit, Jagdkommando, Huntsman, Bowie.

(20€) Clan patch OR flag

Clan logo on patch / Clan logo on flag

(20€/item) Custom military tent OR car tent OR barrel
Texture your tent or barrel however you want! You can add your own texture/logo or even name to it!


Terms Of Service!

Object of the donation are the in the price-table shown prices and their equivalent value.

The parties are the „service provider“ called „operator“ hereafter and the „server user“ called „donator“. The services provided by the operator are called „service“ in the following. The payments made to the operator will be called „donation“.

Breach of contract
In case of a violation of the server-rules, the donator looses all rights to use the services. Therefore a refund of the payment in case of unavailability of the service is not possible.

Retroactive change of the service
The operator reverses the right to retroactively change or to discontinue services if needed. In this case, the discontinued service will be compensated appropriately. The right to reimburse made payments is void.

Time of performance
The service counts as delivered with the first usage by the donator. Donations can only be reimbursed before delivery.

End of server-operation
In case of an end of the server operation, the right to use the server expires. Donations are intended to keep servers running. In case of a shutdown, reimbursement is not possible.

Severability clause
In case any or more of the provisions in this agreement shall for any reason be held to be invalid in any respect, such invalidity shall not affect any other provisions of this agreement. The parties agree to, instead of the invalid provision, find a approximate valid provision.